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The cultural heritage database gathers materials from 20 datasets

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How well do you
know Estonian art?

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How well Estonian art?

100 years of Estonian motorsport

The first cars had already reached the roads of Estonia at the end of the 19th century, but the first officially organized race took place on August 28, 1921, when eight cars and two motorcycles started a long-distance race on the Tallinn-Rapla-Tallinn route. Julius Johanson, the first Estonian car owner, came out of this ordeal as the winner.

Contemporary art

To tell everything honestly, we have to start with what modern art is. Contemporary art is characterized by the active inclusion of new media – photo, video, computer, installation, performance, etc.

Contemporary art is characterized by transgressiveness – crossing material, ideational, aesthetic, ethical, etc. boundaries

The most beautiful
books in Estonia

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